Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let The Healing Begin

I want to thank everyone that has sent their thoughts and prayers to this area since the tragedy at Va. Tech..We were not alone in this suffering, it had a huge impact on the entire world.

I can't begin to imagine losing a loved one so's difficult losing someone after a short or lengthy illness, but to be taken so quickly with no warning always leaves so many unanswered questions.

I know the grieving will continue as it one should be forgotten but I do think as a nation we have to let the healing start.

I know there are many organizations that are doing memorials. We have a blogger that is reaching out in hopes of making a fiber item for each of the victims families..I think that is just most heart warming and I am currently working on a project to send along to that.

I have finished the Gossamer Shawl that I started a month or so back...I was so fired up when I first started and then realized...I could slow down, which I did...and then I panicked that I wasn't going to have it complete in time...but she's done.

It was really a bit difficult to photograph due to the size but I will try to take a pix of it when it's gifted and worn by the recipient. I used a natural linen and a variegated mohair..

I also have some socks going on as well as another scarf using the fan and feather pattern.

OHHH I forgot..

The Fiber Festival was wonderful..even though it was raining upon our stopped as soon as we got out and about.

My friend Michelle from NC came up and my Sock Sister Linda ..both went with me...we had a great time shopping, although I only bought a few skeins...I also bought a book for Hubby and some more Bryspun needles..BUT..the great part was I met other bloggers..

When we arrived and parked...I realized we were parked right beside Robin(Knittin Coop) and her husband...what a lovely couple!! It was so nice to finally meet her after following her blog for a while and emailing...hope we will see each other on many more occasions.

Then..we met Nikki...also sort of a local blogger..what a neat gal also..and she did an awesome job on Spinning..I can see a wheel in her near future.

We left Sedalia and headed back to town..having lunch at our favorite little hole in the wall pizza joint....Court Street Pizza..and is it ever good!!! It's become my favorite little eatery!!

We left there and went to Yarn Theory, our local yarn shop...and browsed a bit...wanting to share with Michelle where we get our fiber fixes..then the day was still young, so we drove a bit further south to Tapestry..another yarn shop...and there we met some other ladies that had been at Sedalia also. We browsed at Tapestry...and didn't leave empty handed..

We drove back to town and went to The D Day Memorial....I always like to take my out of towners there..

By this time we were all a bit tired and headed home for some knitting..

A great day with friends is always better than any prescription the Dr. will give you...

Or this SWEET DOG...who says ' my bowl is empty MOM'...but it's empty because he's licked it does he look malnourished?..
Actually, this is his sad face because he misses Michelle...he fell in love with her and her peanut butter treats...what a pushover!!
Happy Knitting...and Stay safe~~


Marianne said...

What a handsome dog lad! and such a fancy food dish!
From what I can tell...the shawl is VERY pretty, hopefully be able to tell more once it's on the giftee...
Oh you lucky lucky women and your Fibre-y Fests so close at hand.. sigh......

Nikki said...

yeah, I know that look. Only I get it from two little faces who also go "meow. I'm so hungry and malnourised. meow"

your shawl looks BEAUTIFUL!!

have fun in the Mayan Riviera! (have room for me in your suitcase?) :)

Robin said...

It was greating meeting you too!! We'll have to do it again!