Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gifted Yarn

It's been a few days since I posted..and I don't have anything earth shattering at this time, but a few pix I will share of some gifted yarn...and what I'm doing with it.
First, for those that have followed me..you know how I've feared the 'S' word..Socks..but today I had my first class and I can honestly say...it wasn't TOO bad!! Although I've not made monumental progress..it's beginning to show a bit of shape. I was accustomed to making items with larger stitches...and making better time...but after a 2 hour class and probably at least that much additional time at home...I'm at 1.5"..Any idea how long it will take to reach 6"...???..who's counting, right?

I also have started a scarf using The Jo Sharp Kid Mohair...and I'm doing a Cat's Paw pattern..again, I'm not making huge progress because I have quite a few items on the needles and trying to be fair to all of them..Plus, these are all ME items...because it was gifted yarn..and NO ONE gives away gifted yarn...right? I'm 2 paws into...12...no rush..but know it will be fun when finished.

And last but not least...the beautiful Debbie Bliss...and I'm knitting a Ribbed Scarf...it feels so fantastic against the skin...I think my yarn taste have taken a swift change in the last few knits.
I had lots of friends that wanted the 'frou frou' yarns and I was drawn to them to make gifts for them...but I'm really enjoying the feel of this Bliss...perfectly named...it's blissful
I must say a huge THANK YOU to the person that was so generous in giving me the Bliss and Jo yarns...a very special lady she is...and she has now entered into the world of knit...after hearing me 'yarn' for the past year...she decided she couldn't 'beat it..so she joined us'...She's doing a lovely job on her first scarf...if you get the opportunity ..drop by her blog and give her your support...http://www.cornyknits.blogspot.com..
Ok...enough rambling on here..Happy Knitting to all...


Marianne said...

I am just so proud of you! You are going to be laughing so hard when you get this pair of socks under your belt, because you're going to find out just how easy they are.....this is so enjoyable!

Dianne said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence..I think working with more than 2 needles scared me..and it felt weird for a while..I believe I can get 6" in a week..I think I will go buy more dps and start the other one while it's all fresh..Hugs and Happy Knitting~~

Marianne said...

Dianne, thank you so much for stopping by with the birthday wishes, I really had fun with this, it's the little things,eh?
It truly means a lot to me, thank you.
Oh and about that multiple needle fear? Always keep in mind that you're always still knitting with only 2 needles at a time....be dauntless, honey.