Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gifted Scarf

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a knit blogger that I had chatted with for several years through another chat client, but we had never personally met.

During our chatship I have started to knit and we had many hours of knit chat and she finally decided to join the knit crew..She has only been knitting a few months but she is so very talented.

When I found that there was going to be a Fiber Festival in my town, I mentioned it to her..and she said she would like to I invited her to come stay with me and join me for the festival..I'm sure she was a bit nervous thinking what kind of idiot invites strangers to their home to spend the night...but I truly did not consider her a stranger after our many hours of chatting.

She accepted my invitation and she came for the festival a few weeks ago..It was a very enjoyable weekend...I think we had a very good visit and she is most welcome to come visit anytime she would like.

Of course..My husband and I are both old enough to be her parents..but we're 'cool' old people!!

When Michelle arrived..she gifted Nik..with a large bag of peanut butter of course he has been lying around in a depressed state since her departure..but amazing how he cheers up when I give him a if he needed to be spoiled more..actually, she had sent him a box of peanut butter treats at Christmas...and they were his very favorite well as his Bungee she sent now he knows who the 'Peanut Butter Lady' is...and for me..she gifted me this gorgeous's a Fan and Feather design and the colors are just absolutely awesome!! I was so pleased it was cool enough to wear it to the Festival and I've worn it since and gathered quite a few nice compliments..thank you CornyMichelle! It's made with Noro Secret Garden Lite..Isn't it beautiful?
I'm actually making one for a friend to take on vacation but I was not able to find this lovely yarn, so I had to settle for some's knitting up nicely..but not as 'rich' as mine..
I've done a bit of shopping this week..and have purchased NO yarn..what's the deal?...I went shopping with a friend earlier in the week..and Macy's was having an incredible I bought a few new things that would be appropriate for the Maya Riviera..then today..I took my Mom and we went to the Macy's on the other side of where I live..and found more awesome would someone come pack for me?..argh...I have officially declared Tues. as packing day. I have to make sure I have my quart size ziplock bags...geesh..and prepare myself to be at the mercy of the airport security and jump through their hoops..
I may need tequila before I get there..hmm
Happy Knitting~~and Stay safe~


Marianne said...

That is such a beautiful scarf! What a sweetheart Michelle is!
Thank goodness for the airport bars,eh?

Nikki said...

how beautiful and thoughtful!!

I've made my sister's dogs treats that they just loved.

have fun on your trip!

Dianne said...

Nikki,Thanks..I can take you along, provided you won't 'make' me drink too many

Dana said...

Corny's scarf is beautiful and the colors are amazing; I have no doubt you look great in it.

Your shopping expeditions sounded fun and the trip to Mexico will be awesome, I'm sure.

The's fabulous! Having seen it, I know that the photo doesn't do it justice.

Question for you...who is the blogger doing the knitting for VA Tech families? I hadn't heard about the before now.

Great photo of Nik and his expression is soooo angelic (that's the only word to describe it). He looks like little Orphan Annie next to his food bowl. LOL
Happy packing today and I'll talk to you soon!