Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clogs, Squares, Yarn, Horses and Goats

It's been another gorgeous day here in 'Bedrock'...sunny and breezy..and it even got a bit hot later in the day.

I have a hodgepodge of pix to share today..being that I've been negligent in sharing some.

I have CLOGS that Dana gifted me before I went away..and I have not shown them yet..they're absolutely divine and I do appreciate all her hard work beyond words..Thank you Dana..I love them..but I am not sure I'm skilled or brave enough to try them yet. I just realized this is not the pix I meant to use..the other one I had flipped...but they're beautiful anyway you look at them...the color is so rich!!
Linda, Dana and Myself have also been working on the Hokie Pride Project..which is knitting 8x8" squares and this wonderful yarn shop, Mosaics... in Blacksburg is going to make them into blankets for the families of the victims...We are sending a 'bakers dozen'...they have been knit by us with those families in our hearts with each stitch..may this beautiful project help with the healing.

There was another skein of yarn that I purchased yesterday at the LYS open's Encore and it's called Silver Indigo..I am sure the color isn't true here..but it's a very soft color.

And last but surely not least..I have photos of 3 of my Step Children..

This is Mia



Tomorrow is my last day doing the farm duties for this time, but they travel quite frequently or their work schedules are hectic and I feed for them..don't you think Sabrina and I resemble...baaaahhhh....Happy Knitting~~~


Marianne said...

Er, um,....ahem...well, perhaps in that you and Sabrina are both Babes! (she in her own particular way....we know how you're a Babe)

Don't you just love your clogs?!?!? That's a beautiful red too, nice deep dark rich ruby colour...Dana, Queen of Clogs, Bowls, and soon to be..Socks!
Oh hey, if we got our clogged feet together we'd look like Christmas.

Marianne said...

Those squares are beautiful, Dianne, and I know those folks will feel the love.

Pretty blue yarn :^)

Nikki said...

What cute step kids...

I like the red clogs, too! I made myself som felted slippers that I ADORE (and easy as socks too!) they're great in the winter...

Dana said...

Farm duties? Does the gang belong to a neighbor? You never slow down, do you? LOL

The squares were so nice to do. Thank you for organizing us AND for so generously providing the fiber as well. Hopefully the blankets will bring some small measure of comfort to a victim's family.

I saw your Encore on Saturday and it's too nice - - great color! Now that I've done socks on dpns', I will say that slippers are easier to knit than socks. You'll have mastered it in two minutes, trust me.

P.S. The MOTH is a great whittler. I saw your shawl pin and assumed it was a purchase. He did an excellent job!!